What do you know about music?

Music is a whole art form that never ceases to do good to both the mind and the soul. But where does music come from? What is its history? This is what we will discover in this guide. You are therefore invited to read it thoroughly.

The role of music

Music is the art of combining sounds in a way that is pleasing to the ear. It is also a cultural activity that involves pairing sounds and silences over time. Rhythm, pitch, nuance and timbre are fundamental to this.
A sound that is moving and not pleasant to the ear is not music. Music leaves you free to be creative. You are therefore free to compose your own pieces while taking into account the conceptual clarification of the music.
Remember that there are rules to follow before you start. These rules will make it easier for you to compose. The body, the human voice or the musical instruments are the key elements that can produce sound that is pleasing to the ear.

The origin of music

As music comes from human culture, it will be difficult to identify its origin. However, it can be said that music has its roots in human speech. This is the concept of musi-language which relates singing and speaking. Remember that in the beginning, song and speech were used as a means of communication.
But with Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer, we will have an evolutionary origin of the musical thing. For Darwin, music served as a means of communication between humans. Emotions and feelings were therefore transmitted through music. So far, this is what we can say about the origin of music.

The history of music

The history of music is very complex. This complexity of the history of music is due to its antiquity and the difficulty of finding exact origins. In any case, the history of music goes back to prehistoric times, which allowed for formations to be given according to each tradition.
Today, music exists in general, but differs from one civilisation and tradition to another. For example, Western music is not the same as Eastern or American music. Each civilisation has transcribed music in its own way. The problem of the sources of music still exists.
The ancient tradition did not know writing. The reason for the non-existence of an exact origin of music is therefore due to the absence of a notation system. Different documents deal with the history of music, but the versions are not the same. It is therefore difficult to talk about the exact history of music.

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